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28th & 29th of September 2019 - I am hosting an open house exhibition as part of the Merton Arts Festival (see contact tab for details).

My passion for painting, especially abstracts, is my love of colour. Through layering, building up ripples and stripes of paint or using swirls of liquid, reminiscent of drifting patterns in nature, I paint images that are full of colour.  I enjoy exploring the effects of texture and movement and, although many of the pieces are abstract, I try to create a feeling of balance in the composition sometimes painting diptychs or triptychs to add to the panoramic effect.

Wonderful walks in Wimbledon, Cornwall, Ireland and the Gower have inspired my series of abstracted landscapes. Although not completely figurative, they retain a sense of the horizon, the drama of clouds, the movement in water or fields of grass. Mainly painted in acrylic on canvas I add metallics, gloss, glitter and enamel paint to enhance their decorative impact.

Lazy afternoon picnics on Wimbledon Common have led to flower based paintings inspired by the swathes of wild flowers or cow parsley that abound there and translated into decorative designs. I layer impasto paint over a multi-coloured background that is revealed when the upper layers are scraped back to form shadows and depths in the texture.  © Mac 2018